align your voice with your work.

When your voice and the words you use authentically reflect who you are and what you stand for, everyone listens.

Speaking in public contexts is generally taught in one of two ways:

The first is rigid and corporate, where you’re often thrown into the fire and told to deliver your best elevator pitch on the spot, and then coached to do things like avoid uptalk and make gestures with your arms like “the Clinton box” (yeeeah). In this approach, it’s easy — I’d argue inevitable — for self-criticism and anxiety to increase rather than subside. It also feels miles away from the creative lives we’ve all fought so hard to live — like putting a knife in our toolbox when we really need a sharp and beautifully crafted arrow.

The other way is what I like to call the “Just Have Fun!” approach, which usually involves being told to take an improv class or go do stand up, what do you have to lose?! While I fully support you trying out either of these creative endeavors (I’m a fan of both), I wouldn’t expect you to be able to take a classic improvisation game and strategically apply it to your upcoming design presentation. 

This work is much deeper and more direct.

It’s an intuitive blend of highly personalized self-discovery and concrete tools that can be applied in many contexts. We’ll gently let go of what you don’t need and cultivate what you do.

If you’re struggling to amplify your voice — or even find it in the first place (it’s there, I promise), want to level up how you communicate in a specific area or across the board, or have an upcoming talk or presentation that you’re panicked about, fill out the form below and let’s talk.


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