How do you talk about who you are and what you do?

That question can feel daunting, to say the least.

From podcasts to pitch meetings, small talk to TED Talks, we often feel like strangers in our own bodies when it’s time to speak about ourselves and our work. Particularly if the stage or the conference room or the Instagram story or the “fun, casual mixer” aren’t our habitats of choice.

“No thanks,” you might have said when asked to present something. “I’ll just be here in my studio/at my desk/behind my laptop and let my work speak for itself.”

If only your work could speak. That would be really helpful. It would definitely save us all a lot of money on antiperspirant.

The simple fact is: the more we create meaningful work, the more we find ourselves asked to talk about it. We may not want to do that, but we do want our work to be seen. And therein lies another simple fact:

One of the very best ways to be seen is to let yourself be heard.

Truly heard, freely and clearly. Sharing the voice and and message and point of view that’s uniquely and authentically your own.

So let’s help you do that.